The Consumer Care Service (COCASE) brings independence and objectivity to set the highest standards of aftercare for consumers of premium billed services.

The Consumer Care Service helps premium content providers, mobile networks and aggregators meet the needs of their customers, providing confidence to consumers, regulators and operators that each party’s interests are being professionally and independently managed.

By elevating levels of customer satisfaction to query resolution, The Consumer Care Service protects both service provider and consumer interests. It supports the industry and its reputation by reducing unnecessarily call and email volumes and minimizes escalated complaints to regulatory and other bodies.


About Us

The Consumer Care Service was founded to help the Phone Billed Services Industry deliver a great aftercare experience to consumers.

With a breadth of experience stretching back to the inception of the sector, consumer protection credentials and a history of award winning customer service, COCASE is trusted by the industry and consumers alike to act fairly and appropriately in accordance with the prevailing Codes of Practice.

With a highly trained team, a purpose designed proprietary technology platform and a focus on efficient and effective work flow management, consumer enquiries are handled and resolved swiftly and to exacting regulatory standards.  COCASE raises the quality bar, supporting service providers to look after their customers and uphold appropriate standards of service and support.



COCASE is an independent and professional one stop solution for fair and compliant handling of queries regarding premium billed services.


Telephone & Email Response 1
Case Handling & Investigation 2
Complaint Resolution 3
Refund Management 4

Telephone &  Email Response

COCASE’s highly trained customer service team offers flexible and reliable frontline customer support and complaint management via inbound/outbound telephone and email. COCASE’s independence ensures that consumer enquiries are fairly and promptly resolved.


Case Handling & Investigation

All cases are uniquely logged and ticketed. Consumers have the peace of mind that their complaint is thoroughly investigated and promoters have full confidence that each consumer is handled fairly and appropriately. Consumers may unsubscribe immediately from a service and elect to receive a report setting out relevant details around interactions and  activity, including how they opted in, any terms they agreed to and any charges applied.


Complaint Resolution

COCASE’s aim is to ensure that all cases are resolved fairly and equitably; making sure that complaints are taken seriously, thoroughly investigated and understood and that the appropriate action is taken in a timely fashion. All parties, from the consumer themselves, to regulators, mobile networks and promoters know that each case is resolved swiftly, reliably and fairly, leading to a minimum of formal escalations to regulatory bodies. 


Refund Management

COCASE refund management service smoothly handles the administrative burden of delivering refunds to consumers, enabing promotors to satisfy their customers and meet their obligations. Professional, effective, and hassle free.