1. Operate in a manner that supports and promotes a healthy, compliant marketplace
  2. Ensure service registrations with the regulator are rigorously maintained and up to date
  3. Run services in compliance with the up to date Codes of Practice, Standards and Guidance (including that of the Phone Paid Services Authority, Ofcom, Mobile Network Operators and the Advertising Standards Authority, as appropriate)
  4. Use reasonable care to monitor affiliates and advertising partners for compliance with the prevailing regulations and terminate marketing partnerships without delay if affiliates fail to meet the necessary regulatory standards
  5. Maintain appropriate channels for consumers to get in touch, to ensure that these channels are suitably advertised and handle consumer queries fairly and reasonably
  6. Deliver redress efficiently and make refunds without delay where they are reasonably due
  7. Identify complainants that may be particularly vulnerable due to age or disability and treat their case accordingly
  8. Ensure that consumers are kept informed about the progress of a complaint, where resolution cannot be delivered immediately
  9. Cooperate fully and openly with regulators and other relevant parties whenever appropriate
  10. Conduct business in a manner that promotes confidence to consumers participating in phone billed services


COCASE acts as the independent query resolution service and point of consumer contact for its partners. We welcome new partners who must commit to operate services according to this Charter. New partner enquiries from Service Providers may be directed here.